Why You Must Create Your Own Rules To Succeed In Business

#12 - 10/03/2024

If we want to succeed in business, we have to create our own rules. 

Here are some of mine:

What I do:

- Pray (5x a day being Muslim)
- Avoid notifications in the morning
- Travel outside of rush hour to make fewer decisions
- Go to the gym in off-peak times to avoid wasting time
- Read 3 pages of 3 different books - business, leadership and spirituality for me (I have weird rules of three)
- Set my goals for the next day before I sleep

What I don't do:

- Let my day be "ruined" if I oversleep
- Let myself feel I "have to" workout in the morning
- Beat myself up if I miss my goals
- Feel disgusted with myself if I have one too many packets of crisps (my Achilles heel)
- Worry excessively if financial targets aren't hit - the effort is in our control, but the end result isn't.

There is only one way to live your life. And that's by truly living yours.
Inspiration doesn't come from limitation.
We have to find our own authentic, accessible, life algorithm.
That's how we start living lives worth living.
And have rules that actually become freeing.

#Growth #Leadership #Entrepreneurship 

Originally Written on 7th Dec 2022