Algrithm is a weekly newsletter with commentary on the important of developing our own thinking code - inspired by my journey in business, my passion around leadership and the central component of my life (and I pray it always will be), faith. And occasionally, a random tangent in between 😊.

Who’s behind it?

My name is Saif. I'm the founder of multi-businesses that have done over seven figures in business. Today, I have my own holding group, VALCAP, a group that invests or supports visionary founders that bring value to the world (hence the name VALCAP, standing for Valuable Capital). I also closely oversee operations of a business called MPWR - it partners with Muslim creators to build their digital and physical brands.

I have previously founded or co-owned Creed & Culture, a faith a culture consultancy, MIN - the leading Muslim Influencer Network, Mvslim (an online media outlet for millennial and Gen-Z Muslims). We've been fortunate to do over seven figures in business and reach millions of people too.

Today, I live my life with my family in Egypt spending the mornings trying to learn more about our faith.

What makes me credible?

A great question and I don't know if I'm ever going to be that! I have though been recognised as a top 50 Thought Leader in the Influencer marketing space. But here's a list of boring things I've gone on to do / been recognised for:

- Recognised by Yale University for work in diversity and inclusion. Whilst studying Discrimination with the London School of Economics (LSE).
- Part of Harvard's online leadership programme, getting accreditation in Transformational Leadership.
- Co-founded four businesses that have turned over seven figures in revenue
- Developed strategies for some of the world's leading influencers to help them grow audiences to over millions
- In some cases 60,000x'd their audiences in 2 weeks

But my real claim to fame is winning a Blue Peter badge for a poem that was read out of TV when I was seven 😉 🤓.

What exactly would it cover?

I’ll be using it to share my thoughts on anything interesting around business, branding and leadership - all underpinned by my own journey of faith. I was 23 with more money than sense yet super unhappy with life. After finding what I believe is my purpose in life, I want to share my own life Algrithm/. in the hope of inspiring you to find yours.

Who should subscribe to it?

Anyone interested in how to build an enduring business without losing yourself, leadership thinking, wealth and all things in between.

What do you mean by faith?

My perspective will really share how my faith, which is Islam, has inspired my life so far and believe that the deeper dimensions of Islam may inspire you, regardless of what path you choose to embark upon. However I'm not here to change you and believe that God is bigger than just my own perspective. And I welcome you to share yours.

Why are you doing this?

Writing is a great way for us to organise our own thoughts. It's also a creative outlet that can be liberating. We've had some tremendous wins and some really painful losses in the past six or so years of business. Had it not been for the foundations of faith for me I wouldn't know whether I'd still be here to share today.

This is my journal but instead of keeping it private I am sharing it with you all. I hope to help you learn from our wins and avoid the mistakes we've made. And to ultimately help us all recognise that a purpose-filled life is only the life worth living.

And that, I believe, can only come from us taking ownership of our own thinking.