Why Mentorship is a Bad Thing

#2 - 09.12.22

Why mentorship is a bad thing.

This might be the "independent, single minded" me talking here.

But having such a safety net can stop you from developing your own critical thinking.

Don’t get me wrong; mentorship in doses can be healthy.

Learning from someone who’s been there and done that, can save you potentially years. Maybe even millions. And in some cases, from fairly critical business mistakes. 

Like hiring a doofus. Or working on a product idea no one wants.

No one wants to make those types of mistakes.

But the one thing you need to know my entrepreneur friends is that the best and bravest leaders need, without a doubt, is clarity of thought.

And independence of thinking.

Your job as a leader is making critical decisions that are often unpopular. 

Often those that go deliberately against the grain.

Sometimes that mentorship can cloud your judgment. It could prevent you from backing yourself. Or worse, you could have someone talk you out of an idea - that could have been your next winner.

Don’t let someone lead you, to doubt yourself.

Or allow them to have you double guess yourself. Or even worse yet, take away your dedication from what makes you, you.

There’s a fine line between pursuing something that’s silly and the greatness of your own thoughts. 

But don’t let that be mentorship that steers you from something potentially spectacular. 

After all, entrepreneurship at its finest is you taking the ultimate bet on yourself. 

But does that really have to include a mentorship clan too? 

[P.S, the photo of the Llama was chosen as I think life doesn't always have to be too serious. Also for the fact that if you go against the advice you might get and you get things right, most likely you'll feel like the Llama pictured].

Think about it.