What Is Algrithm?

#1 - 09.12.22

In the name of God.

The process or set of rules to be followed.

What a boring definition the dictionary of Algorithm is. But unlike the computer form where a necessary input often dictates the exact output, the binary human equivalent for life doesn’t often go that way.

In a world of intense scrutiny, distraction and unfortunately, often disillusion, I believe more than ever before that it's essential for us to codify our own thinking.

Sometimes unapologetically. Almost always critically, is essential.

For presence's sake. For our own equilibrium. And probably more important than anything that came before our own sanity.

What I've found (maybe it was forced by my many lame attempts to win? Whatever the reason was, it was definitely more luck than intention), that when we live a life like this, it creates more clarity.

More clarity = living a more purposeful life. Living a more purposeful life = more contentment.

And when we do this, our own life Algrithm starts to form.

My name is Saif, and many of you may not know my story.

I’m a former law graduate who was living a lost life wondering if he was going to look back in his forties (hopefully I get there!), and think, “am I really stuck doing this?”
In fact, it was during my second year of university where I decided I didn’t want to dedicate my life to something I no longer had passion for.

But being South Asian whose parents only gave him three options in life (medicine, engineering or law), I had to come up with a backup plan. For me, that was turning my hand at business.

A fashion business. Started on eBay and thenseeing me work with some of the world's leading Influencers (back then, they were just people on Instagram though).

Anndddd it did okay. Turns out there are a lot of people who like Nautical bracelets and "feline inspired" furry coats online. Yet after being 23 and having more money than sense (often making £1K+ a day), I was deeply unhappy and lacked contentment.

That’s when I stumbled across faith - and my life changed ever since.

I left the world of fast fashion, and after the best employed years working in the humanitarian sector (via a short detour in the corporate world in between), I now co-own three faith-inspired organisations (digital media, digital agency and consultancy).

And life. We've done over seven figures. Worked with some of the world's leading brands. And I'm humbled to share that we've also raised (with our Influencers) over $6.4Million for charity.

We've also had our fair share of lows too. Like me delivering one of our first presentations to Facebook sounding like Kermit the frog.

That’s led to a thirst to want to share whatever little I know about business along the way.

To try to bring as much benefit to as many people as possible through sharing lessons from those wins and often pretty horrid losses.

A sequence of code that’s even allowing be to type this sentence in perfect alignment with my thoughts, isn't how life goes. Life, doesn’t often go so smoothly.

Business success on its own, financial wealth and "success" doesn't in and of themselves create happiness. But what does allow us all to find more contentment, is when we stumble across our own purpose.

Our own "life algorithm" [Ahem Algrithm - yes, spelt intentionally this way (don't you just hate it when someone's already taken then domain you wanted?)].

And for me, I believe the perfect life code involved being wealthy (physical, spiritual / mental, financial), in tandem with the direction of what you're doing (your “business”), whilst being infused and inspired by a set of principles that are timeless (spiritual (mental + physical) wealth + purpose + finance = Algrithm for contentment).

For me, that’s my religion that’s inspired by the prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

And whatever that set of principles are for you.

Whatever your own "Algrithm" is, I hope. me attempting to talk about mine, helps you find your own algorithm to help you navigate your life.

Our own, unapologetic and formulaic approach.