Taking a Leap of Faith

#7 - 13/02/24

Taking a leap of faith.

So, I’ve got something to share.

Some of you have been wondering where I’ve been (almost practically for the last year 🤣).

After handing over most day to day duties of the companies I co-own, I’ve felt a little lost. Searching for answers. Thinking about the impact I want to have. And how I should be using my time to bring value to the world.

And then I thought about the 23 year old me. The one who hoped to have a more meaningful relationship with his faith.
The version of me that was obsessed about purpose, impact and growth. The form of me who would often reflect on legacy.

But the one difference between that version and now, are the little daughters and family God has blessed me with.

So I braved it - and finally committed - and not only for myself.

I’m here sharing that my family and I recently made the leap of faith (pardon the pun), and have moved to Egypt.

It’s been a big move, particularly for my family and loved ones who we’ve left behind.

Whether that be friends, my amazing siblings or in particular, the parents that I’m super grateful to God for.

But we did it in the hope that we’re able to establish, God willing, the practices, principles and learnings in our young daughters that many Muslims in the west are wanting to instil in their children. I pray we’re able to be successful, sincere and committed through the process.

And I hope to share over time what we personally learn about doing this - especially as we’ve been predominantly (with the guidance of “resident teachers”), home-schooling our children.

And, at the same time, I’m still working - particularly on pivoting one of our legacy companies - that I’m super excited to share soon.

It’s crazy that it’s almost been a month. I’m hopeful about what the rest of our time in Egypt will bring.

For those that knew, thank you for your well wishes.

And I guess I just want to really state:

Don’t delay anymore what you can pursue or achieve today, lest tomorrow never comes.

After all, we end up learning that life really is just you vs you.

Don’t stand in your own way.