Now's Not the Time

#8 - 16/02/24

Now’s not the time.

- It’s not the time to be passive.
- It’s not the time to fear censorship.
- It’s not the time to do almost nothing.
- It’s not the time to accept the status quo.
- It’s not the time to sit back and watch along.

Now is not the time to be muted.

And if you’re feeling fatigued by it all, here’s a list of small things you can start with again:

1. Raise awareness on your WhatsApp stories
2. If you’re scared of being “public” with your advocacy, share news amongst friends and family
3. Go to protests
4. Sign relevant petitions
5. Do your best to boycott Z*on*st supporting brands
6. Give in charity to those in need
7. Make sincere du’a.

Every action has an opposite and equal reaction.
Believe you can make a difference.
And remember, one day, we’ll be asked, what did we do?

Don’t let your answer be nothing.

#CeasfireNow#Gaza #StandWithPalestine

{P.s you can find some of the easiest ways to support in the below}

1. Form to stop LinkedIn censoring our posts in support of the Gazans:
2. A website that shows all the massacres and crimes committed against Palestinians since October the 7th:
3. A fundraiser by my brother Zaid El-Omar where 100% of the proceeds go to helping those in need in Gaza:
4. A website to find / know of the brands to try and boycott and why:
5. A resource hub for all things Palestines: