How You Can Win Knowing This About Business Strategy Today

#5 - 09.12.22

The critical thing about business strategy today is this;

Our futures in 2022 and beyond, are changing at a much faster rate than how our past did.

Think about it.

Do you truly remember the last time when you were significantly bored?

For me, it feels like a lifetime ago when I was sitting on my parent's couch literally “bored poopless”.
I’d exhausted teletext (who remembers those days), had seen that no one was coming out to play football and unlike the Netflix of today, you’d have to wait at least a week before you can watch the next episode of your favourite show.

How times have changed. I feel our children are born attached to the big screen and tech devices.

Even dial-up internet and iPods seem like they were from a different life.

So when it comes to your business strategy, your role as a founder or leader is simple;

Your focus should be interchangeable between two states; exploiting and exhausting the opportunities of today and exploring the future opportunities of tomorrow.

That’s it. And only one at a time.

For example:

One product may help people save on their energy bills; this product may be in high demand because of the cost of living and the global economic crisis today.

Therefore your job today would be to mobilise your team to help as many people as possible benefit from this product.

But naturally like in all business there's always a newer, cheaper, faster and better product developed that may undercut you.

So once you’ve built the best version of this product, you should then start to shift your focus on not just trying to help people save money.

But potentially even make money from their own excess energy or savings; a V2 of your product.

It’s pretty simple. Apple. Google. Amazon. Tesla.

In some of the best product businesses, their leaders sit between the data, nurture their best people and free their creatives to always make (the best product), and shake (up the market with better solutions for the future).

because as one great speaker once said about business;

Innovate or die.

I may not believe quite the extremeness of that statement. But within it for sure, is a nugget of truth.

Because if you’re not thinking about the future considering where you are now, what you’ve come from, how will you know the steps that you need to take to know where to go?

Think about it.