How To Be An Indispensable Employee? - A Business Owner’s Perspective

#13 - 14/03/24

From all that we're hearing, it sounds like we're heading towards the depths of a recession like we've never seen before.

Here are three things that I would advise anyone in a job to increase job security during times of massive uncertainty:

1. Make sure you're being seen

As the old saying goes. Out of sight, out of mind.

Business owners and seniors will be regularly assessing and scrutinising the business value of individuals.

If you were reporting once a week, 3x that. This gives you a better chance of being noticed and therefore simply being valued more.

2. Regularly share how you've made money

Remember if you work for a business (and I'd even argue an NGO today), it's all about making money.

Always be building your business case - demonstrate how you've led to more sales, increased market share or customer acquisition.


3. Or. Share how you've helped save money

Along with making money, this literally will be the only thing businesses will care about in a recession.

Become indispensable by demonstrating increased efficiency practices, cost savings or being resourceful.

I really hope anyone who's committed, hard-working and contributing doesn't lose the job that they've worked so hard for.

But life's not "always fair". And even ourselves as an organisation have had to let go of good people to restructure effectively.

And some bonus points.

Train your resilience like a muscle.

Enduring stress and difficult times is a constant in life.
If you remain resilient and adapt to work challenges, you demonstrate leadership traits that employers highly value, making you indispensable.

I hope these tips help you increase job security and prevent you from being a victim of a recession.
One that may change our lives as we've known it.


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Originally Written on 7th Dec 2022