How to Guarantee (Hopefully) Your Job Security In 2023

#3 - 09.12.22

I’m not even going to be apologetic when I say this:

But most people in employment just don’t do any work.

When my business partner Omar and I went through our intense burst of hiring last year, after a while, we were left with an unsavoury taste in our mouths:

Unfortunately, we found the same two people bringing in most of the sales or ended up managing most of the work.

Him and I.

The reality is that Pareto’s law is in play in most places of work, more often than not.

It’s not to say we didn’t have failings, we had many, but 80% of work in most places probably gets done by 20% of the people.

  • Lyft gets rid of 12% of staff
  • Twitter (okay, unashamedly) 50%
  • Klarna 20%
  • Facebook sacks 11,000 employees
  • Credit Suisse, 9,000

The companies above, most of them are still functioning.

So the reason for this post is this:

If you’re being employed, right now, more than ever, evidence as much as possible that:

a). You’re doing work.
b). That you’re indispensable.
c). And absolutely don’t dilly dally. 

Demonstrate that you’re in that 20% of doers. 
Don’t give your employers a reason to be doubters.

And secure your safety net by turning up, and tallying your impact (ALWAYS be gathering data of your impact and contribution and regularly capture it in a word document, ready to physically share in your 1-2-1's if possible), so you can show your employers they can absolutely no way get rid of you.

Because surely it's better than being disregarded?

Think about it.